Kington Library Group

A new library support group to represent library users in Kington and the surrounding area has been formed and will meet monthly. The group is clear that they do not want to replace existing provision by Herefordshire Council or to supplant the work done by professional library staff. Instead the aim is to support and develop activities within the library that will increase usage both of the building and the library services.

The group hopes to be a catalyst for activities and events in the library, and they all agreed that these should be very varied in order to be as inclusive as possible. Ideas discussed included local authors, book reading and story-telling for young families, fundraising events, IT courses, craft activities and 40+ health checks.

One big hurdle is the need for out-of-hours access to the library, as the current opening hours limit what can be done. This is mainly an insurance issue – and it affects other libraries in the county, so the search for a solution would benefit everyone.

The next meeting is on Wed 7 June, 5.30pm at The Oxford Arms, and from then on meetings will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month – starting on the 12th July.

If you are interested in getting involved than contact the chair, Bob Widdowson on or 01544 231387.

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